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Paul D. Roberts, M.A.

Paul D. Roberts, M.A. is Partner at Be Courageous Innovation and Faculty of Exponential Innovation and Change at Singularity University where he helps organizations see the future and find their place in it.

Be Courageous is a growth platform partnering with Startups, Scaleups, and Fortune brands who are in pursuit of breakthrough outcomes in Culture, Strategy, and Innovation. Paul helps these organizations to see the future and find their place in it.

As an ongoing Faculty of Singularity University since 2018, he has given over 260 talks to global audiences on a range of topics, including multiple Exponential Technologies, Digital Transformation, building Exponential Organizations, Leadership & Strategy in an Exponential Age, and the Future of Education.

Paul is an Innovation Design and Facilitation Professional with almost 20 years of experience in the fields of Strategic Innovation and Creative Change, Economics, and Media and Entertainment, including 8 years at the international consulting firm Synecticsworld, and 8 years at the global economics organization IHS Global Insights.

Paul was previously the Senior Director of Innovation Strategies and Design for Singularity University, where he has run over 80 programs with thousands of international leaders helping them and organizations see the rapidly coming exponential future, their place in this future, and to achieve breakthrough improvements in mindset and performance. He has led programs for such global companies as Novartis, Barclays, LG, Standard Bank, Barclays, Kraft Heinz, Lufthansa, Caterpillar, Cosan Group, and multiple Private Equity Companies.

He co-created and acted as the chief exponential guide of Singularity University’s Exponential Innovation Program in Silicon Valley, and teaches with the business schools IAE in Buenos Aires and ESADE in Barcelona.

Paul joined Singularity University in 2016 to help business leaders understand how exponentially accelerating technologies, like AI, Robotics, Digital Manufacturing, and Digital Biology will impact their roles in building and designing a future we want to live in. As Exponential Leadership and Technology Program Instructor, Paul facilitated executive leadership programs across the globe, and had a deep interest in the implications of exponentially accelerating technology on the innovation challenges of large organizations.

Previously, Paul worked as an Innovation Designer, Facilitator, and Trainer as Principal at Synecticsworld for more than 8 years. As an Innovation Designer with a global innovation agency, Paul worked with global brands to develop penetrating consumer insights, build innovative teams, and harness the power of their internal and external connections to build operational effectiveness and uncover new markets and growth strategies.

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During 2000–2007, Paul was a Professional Film and Television Actor appearing in more than 50 Television Episodes and Films in the US and Canada. Among others, he appeared in such productions as Veronica Mars, the Jim Henson Project, and NBC’s American Dreams.

He started as Producer at Handbag Pictures in 1997 working with the team led by Director Leo Johnson and DP Todd Rohal until 2000. Paul and the team produced the independent film Eating and Weeping.

In 2006, Paul Founded and was the Creative Director at Pinch Productions. He created the production company to create and produce TV, film, and web content including the creation and development of the TV drama series “PINCH” which Paul wrote and sold to Canadian National broadcaster CBC, and 12 Steps with writing/producing Partner Michael Lengies.

Paul earned his Honorary Bachelor’s Degree of Science (BScH) in Life Sciences in 1989 from the Queen’s University in Canada. In 1992, he earned his Master’s of Arts Degree in Economics and Development focusing on development economics and international responses to sovereign debt crises from the Queen’s University as well. His activities included being a Sunday morning DJ on Queen’s University Radio Station.

After graduation in 1992, Paul joined IHS Global Insight, formerly known as Standard & Poor’s DRI in Washington D.C. where he stayed for more than 8 years. Paul designed and executed quantitative economic impact studies for National Industry Trade Associations. His work was based on Input-Output analysis combined with Standard & Poor’s DRI’s proprietary models. Paul was the regional industrial economics forecaster for Standard & Poor’s DRI’s Canadian division from 1992 to 1994, and constructed their first Input-Output model of the Canadian Economy.

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Visit his LinkedIn profile, IMDb profile, and his Singularity University profile. Follow him on YouTube, Facebook, American Dreams, and Twitter.