Advisory Board

Peter Garretson

Peter Garretson is a futurist, space advocate, and transformational strategist. A former Service Academy Research Associate to Los Alamos and Service Chief’s Intern at DARPA, he is currently serving as the Chief of Future Science and Technology Exploration for Headquarters Air Force.
Peter has been an influential champion in the arenas of Space Development, Human Systems Integration/Augmentation, and Energy Transformation; his agenda setting is reflected in the topic selections by a number of academic institutions and think tanks in the national security community. He is a published author on such future concepts as Planetary Defense, Space Solar Power, Just-in-Time-Logistics, and Space Grand Strategy.
An often requested speaker, he is the author of numerous white papers, on topics as diverse as Investment Strategies in High Risk/High Return Technologies, Human Factors/Human Systems Integration, Wargame Design, Augmented/Mixed Reality/Virtual Environments and Gaming Technology, Nurturing our National Tech Base, and Lunar Development.
Peter holds leadership positions in the Space Frontier Foundation, Space Development Steering Committee, National Space Society, and Lifeboat Foundation; actively participates on the DoD Human Factors Engineering Technical Advisory Group, AIAA Space Colonization and Space Resources committees, ATWG, and is a recent honorary member of SIGMA, a think tank of science fiction authors.
He recently won the NSS Space Pioneer award for his work leading the National Security Space Office’s innovative report on Space-Based Solar Power. He is a Command Pilot with over 2,500 hours, and a second degree black belt in Aikido.
Visit and Watch his ISDC presentation Space: A Billion Year Plan for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. (Requires Internet Explorer to view.) Read What our civilization needs is a billion-year plan.