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Professor Peter (Piotr) Boltuc

Peter (Piotr) Boltuc, Ph.D. is Professor of Philosophy, University of Illinois at Springfield; Visiting Professor of Distance Learning of the Warsaw School of Economics; and Vice-Chair of the University of Illinois Senates Conference.
Peter is also Editor of APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers; Co-Editor of International Journal of Machine Consciousness; Co-Editor of H-Net for Online Education in the Humanities; International Co-Editor, Dialogue and Universalism; Editorial Board Member, E-Mentor, Warsaw School of Economics; and Editorial Board Member, Filosofia i Egzystencja, University of Szczecin.
His area of specialization is Moral and Political Philosophy. His area of expertise is e-Education and his areas of competence are Philosophy of Mind and Social Capital Theory.
He authored The Philosophical Issue in Machine Consciousness, Qualia, Robots, and Complementarity of Subject and Object, Emergent Properties of Choice, and The Engineering Thesis in Machine Consciousness, and coauthored Replication of the Hard Problem of Consciousness in AI and Bio-AI: An Early Conceptual Framework and Another Take on Game-Based Learning.
Peter earned his Master of Philosophy at Warsaw University, Poland in 1986 with the thesis “Paradox of Openness in Plato’s Metaphysics”. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy and Sociology at Warsaw University, Poland in 1991 with the dissertation “The problem of Subject and Object in English and American Philosophy after Peter Strawson”. He earned his Ph.D. in Moral Philosophy at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA in 1998 with the dissertation “Morality and Particularity”.
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