Advisory Board

Priszcilla Várnagy, MSc

Priszcilla Várnagy, MSc is CEO and Cofounder of Be-novative and is constantly seeking ways to encourage people to be engaged and creative.
With a background and psychology and the goal of disrupting the innovation market, Pris cofounded Be-novative. It is a platform that lets you run inspiring brainstorming sessions for groups of any size, leading you to discover disruptive ideas through collective creativity. Learn more through the Be-novative SlideShare.
Pris is always looking for ways to create sparks; watch her speak at Ideas from Europe, Hungary Priszcilla Várnagy IfE2017, or find inspiration from her short piece 3 minutes — 3 tips: Priszcilla Várnagy.
Graduating with her Masters in Psychology in 2009 from ELTE University, Budapest, she went on to study Organizational Psychology at the University of Copenhagen in 2009. In 2012 she graduated from Singularity University.
Ask her a question on Quora. Hire her as a speaker at innovation enterprise on demand. View her AngelList and LinkedIn profiles. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.