Advisory Board

Ra‘anan Gefen

Ra‘anan Gefen, MBA is Managing Director at Nano Retina.
Nano Retina, a joint venture of Zyvex Labs, and Rainbow Medical, is developing Bio-Retina, a bionic retina designed to restore sight to those suffering from retinal degenerative diseases. Bio-Retina incorporates various nano-size components in one tiny, flat implant, approximating the size of a child’s fingernail bed. Its simple 30-minute implant procedure requires local anesthesia, a small incision and “gluing” of the device to the damaged retina. Return of sight is anticipated to be instantaneous: 24x24 with the first generation and 72x72 with the second generation product, enabling persons who have undergone the procedure to watch TV and identify faces. Recovery time is estimated at up to one week.
Ra‘anan’s patents and patent applications include Fully-implantable cardiac recovery system, Retinal Prosthesis Techniques, Remote Pressure Sensing System and Method Thereof, and Penetrating Electrodes for Retinal Stimulation.
Ra‘anan earned his BSc in Extended Physics & Mathematics at The Hebrew University in 1983 and his MBA in International Management, Finance and Investments, and Technological Management at Tel Aviv University in 1997.
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