Advisory Board

Rainey Reitman

Rainey Reitman is Activism Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She is particularly interested in the intersection between personal privacy and technology, particularly social networking privacy, locational privacy, and online data brokers. She’s also a bit obsessed with software patents.
Prior to joining EFF, Rainey served as Director of Communications for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit advocacy and education organization promoting consumer privacy. She earned her BA from Bard College in Multidisciplinary Studies: Creative Writing, Russian & Gender Studies.
She is a founder and steering committee member for the Bradley Manning Support Network, a network of individuals and organizations advocating for the release of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning. Additionally, She serves on the board of the directors for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, a nonprofit whose mission is to organize and support an effective, national grassroots movement to restore civil liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. She is also a steering committee member of the Internet Defense League, a netroots coalition working to fend off threats to the free and open Web.
Rainey is also Chief Operating Officer and cofounder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a nonprofit organization that crowd-sources funding to supporting unique, independent, nonprofit journalistic institutions.
Watch NCMR 2013: Rainey Reitman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Reitman Says Piracy Bill Might Hurt U.S. Economy. Watch her YouTube channel. View her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile. Read her blog posts. Follow her Twitter feed.