Advisory Board

Dr.Th. Ralf J. Muller

Ralf J. Muller, Th.D. is Chairman of M&M Ltd. (Muller & Muller) which specializes in management and strategic consulting and equity investment. He is also Commercialization and International Marketing at Duke Engines Ltd.; International Ecumenical Liaison, Pastor at (Lutheran) Evangelical Protestant Church; and Founder/Director at Vine Mission Network.
Ralf is helping people and companies, finding, building, keeping, motivating and leading to success a wide variety of teams and individuals — in different countries, in different languages, under a wide variety of challenges and conditions.
His Vine — or Victims Network — Mission, is a Christian nonprofit organization, registered and recognized in Trinidad & Tobago. They work in the vineyard of the Lord, focused on helping victims of crime and their families and bringing them to the Lord.
Ralf was previously Advisor and Investor at ASPX Limited; Delegate, Chaplain, Author, Radiohost at Delegate to OAS and CHOGM Heads of Government Meetings; Assistant Publicist at TravelHost Houston, CEO/Founder at Cyrus Solutions Corp., CEO/Owner at Carib 1 Networks, CEO at Tobago Plantations Ltd, and Governor at TTHTI – Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Training Institute.
Read his free online book How not to become a Victim of Crime.
Ralf earned his Th.D. in Practical Ministry at the Concordia Bible Institute in 2009. He holds patent Shape memory alloy actuated steerable drilling tool. Read his LinkedIn profile.