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Rob Spence

The Reuters article Filmmaker plans “Eyeborg” eye-socket camera said

Canadian filmmaker plans to have a mini camera installed in his prosthetic eye to make documentaries and raise awareness about surveillance in society.
Rob Spence, 36, who lost an eye in an accident as a teenager, said his Project Eyeborg is to have the camera, a battery and a wireless transmitter mounted on a tiny circuit board.
“Originally the whole idea was to do a documentary about surveillance. I thought I would become a sort of superhero … fighting for justice against surveillance,” Spence said.
“In Toronto there are 12,000 cameras. But the strange thing I discovered was that people don’t care about the surveillance cameras, they were more concerned about me and my secret camera eye because they feel that is a worse invasion of their privacy.”

Rob Spence is a freelance director, producer, editor, and cameraman. He co-directed, edited and starred in a documentary for CBC called Let’s All Hate Toronto about how Toronto Bashing is a national sport. It had the highest ratings ever when it recently aired.
Rob also works for other broadcast production companies as an editor and cameraman. On the corporate side he works mostly for advertising agencies and research companies that benefit from his documentary/quirky style.
His specialty is storytelling with a sense of humor. He has a talented group of subcontractors on hand, he is a swell guy, he doesn’t whine, and he gets the job done.
Watch Eyeborg: Eye Socket Camera Coming to Humans, Around the corner lineup to the premiere of Lets All Hate Toronto, Mr. Toronto lectures Canada on CTV’s Canada AM, and Mr.Toronto Freaks Out on CBC’s Gill Deacon Show. Read Eye Spy: Filmmaker Plans to Install Camera in His Eye Socket and read his EyeBorg Blog.