Advisory Board

Dr. Robert E. Wray, III

Robert E. Wray, III, Ph.D. is Senior Scientist, Soar Technology. At Soar Technology, he leads or has led R&D projects for the Air Force and Navy research offices, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. His research encompasses many areas of artificial intelligence, including agent-based systems and agent architectures, machine learning, cognitive science, knowledge representation, and ontology.
Bob coauthored the innovative Amazon downloads Synthetic adversaries for urban combat training and The workshop program at the Nineteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence. He also coauthored Cognitive Architecture Requirements for Achieving AGI, Variability in Human Behavior Modeling for Military Simulations, VISTA: A Generic Toolkit for Visualizing Agent Behavior, Comparative Analysis of Frameworks for Knowledge-Intensive Intelligent Agents, An Architectural Approach to Ensuring Consistency in Hierarchical Execution, Customizing interactive training through individualized content and increased engagement, and Compilation of non-contemporaneous constraints.
He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan. His doctoral research focused on maintaining logical consistency in agent reasoning systems, and his innovations were incorporated in the Soar architecture. Prior to joining Soar Technology, he held the position of Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Middle Tennessee State University.