Advisory Board

Ron Helwig

Ron Helwig is Entrepreneur and Monetary Architect at Shire Silver.
Shire Silver is a model for creating more useful bullion as well as being one particular brand of cards produced using that model. They are supporters of sound money, based on wealth not debt, especially currencies based on precious metals. Gold and silver have proven their value as money over thousands of years, and their physical properties make them the elements most suited to that use.
Ron was previously Programmer at PLATO Learning; Contract Programmer at Digital River; Contract Programmer at Profit Solutions; Contract Programmer at Return, Inc.; Contract Programmer at Laser Data Command; Consultant at Connect, Inc.; Consultant at Analysts International Corp.; Contract Programmer at National Biosciences; and Contract Tester at Ideal Learning.
His specialties include using Drupal (PHP and MySQL with some HTML and JQuery). He previously used C++, COM, ATL, MFC, XML, XSLT, and SQL.
Ron earned his BS in Computer Science at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 1991.
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