Advisory Board

Rory Southworth

Rory Southworth is Exo-legs Collaborative Designer at Chas A Blatchford & Sons Limited and Events Organizer at Made In Brunel.
Rory is interested in the relationship between perceptions and success, He believes that understanding it can give products, services, and people the edge needed in succeeding. He is currently focusing on designing for acceptability, investigating the future of prosthetics, and designing an assistive exoskeleton for older people to increase their independence, mobility, and life quality in collaboration with Blatchford Ltd. and The James Dyson Foundation Scholarship. He is also interested in entrepreneurship and is organizing a lunchtime lecture series on success at Brunel University.
He was previously Trainee Design Project Engineer at SMR Automotive Mirrors UK Ltd, Toolroom Assistant at SMR Automotive Mirrors UK Ltd, Art Installation Project Manager at Made In Brunel, Design Ambassador at Brunel University, and Designer (Intern) at Pashley Cycles.
Rory is studying Product Design, Engineering and Design at Brunel University.
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