Advisory Board

Russ George

Russ George is founder of Ocean Pastures Corporation (OPC). OPC is working on biotechnology and the development and implementation of applied ocean science to replenish and restore pelagic ocean pastures.
Ocean Pastures helped form the Haida Salmon Restoration company (HSRC) in 2012 and is a 48% equity owner of HSRC as well as the provider of the technology license under which HSRC operates. Presently OPC and HSRC are engaged in some challenging issues.
In July 2012, the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation conducted an iron fertilization experiment spreading 100 metric tons of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean from a fishing boat in an eddy 200 nautical miles west of the islands of Haida Gwaii. This resulted in increased growth of phytoplankton over 10,000 square miles. Thanks to this effort, the 2013 salmon runs defied all expectations, more than quadrupling, from 50 million to 226 million fish.
The Canadian treeplanting company he founded in 1972 is still planting trees, a hundred million or more and counting. By the way, the first trees being planted by him are now likely about 40 meters tall, nearly 130 feet. They will be growing for a long time to come, when they are “grandfathers” of his age in “tree years” they may be 600 years old and 80 meters or 200 feet tall and 5 meters 16 feet in diameter. They have been and will for centuries to come be providing a home for all manner of forest life.
Today in the NE Pacific hundreds of millions of marine animals are thriving on the replenished ocean pasture Russ helped Nature restore in the summer of 2012.
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