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Sally J. Morem

Sally J. Morem is Chatroom host at FastForward Radio.
A convergence of emerging technologies and emerging possibilities is at the heart of this, the greatest period of transformation in human history. Our world is changing in ways that are hard to predict … sometimes even hard to imagine. FastForward Radio is your guide to an astounding future that lies ahead — and that will be here sooner than you think!
Sally is a single woman living in a small, northern Minnesota town. She’s a snowbird in Arizona in the winter. She worked for years for a newspaper clipping service and has written freelance articles and essays for 20 years.
She has written about science, science fiction, politics, philosophy, religion, and history.
Sally’s articles include Republicanism and the Founding Fathers, Heinlein, Asimov, and Clarke (song), Review: The Brain: Our Universe Within, Rules for Radicals versus Rules for American Conservatives, Tiny Technology for a Tiny Town. What Do We Do, Review: Disturbing the Universe, Why I Am Not a Liberal: A Political Discussion between Conservative Sally Morem and Liberal Virrudh, Take up America’s Torch: By Which We Remember December 7 and September 11, and The Problem With Alien Invasions.
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