Advisory Board

Samuel Cassatt

Samuel Cassatt is CTO at Atmospheir.
Atmospheir is the social re-imagination of your address book. Atmospheir is where your address book, communication and identity management come together. Atmospheir allows users to connect and share complete, and tailored, sets of contact information and social networks with every contact. Users have full control over the information and identity that they’re sharing with every connection they establish, and a feature set that provides a complete solution to contact management and mobile communication.
An Atmospheir ID empowers people to make better connections, faster, and reverse-engineers how one can maintain their connections going forward — effectively providing the best way to bridge the gap between the important people we meet or know offline, and the information we need to remain completely connected, online. Atmospheir also integrates Bluetooth low energy, allowing users to discover potential nearby connections by establishing a 50-meter “personal area network”.
Sam was previously Principal Design Engineer at Sensorstar, Associate Engineer at Sensorstar, and Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins University Cognitive Neuroscience Lab.
Sam earned his B.S. in Computer Science at The Johns Hopkins University the 2006. He later conducted self-directed coursework at The John Hopkins University in the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and computer science. He worked as a research assistant in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab with Dr. McCloskey, constructing mathematical models of the graphemic buffer. He later studied Business Fundamentals and Tactics at General Assembly. The program was co-designed by GA and McKinsey & Co. as a crash course in the evolving business of technology. Covered topics included Business Model Design, Financial Modeling, Market and Industry Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Marketing and Customer Acquisition, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Management.
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