Advisory Board

Sandra Garcia

Sandra Garcia is Chief Communicant at The Pythagoras Portal and Representative and Board of Advisors at Voices Of Women Worldwide + VOWW-TV.
Sandra is a visionary consultant with twenty-two years experience in helping people and companies reach their goals. Her intuitive projects help people and companies to determine the best possible route towards success.
Consulting areas include assessing whether there are any future financial setbacks in primary plans, successful prospects in merger acquisitions, investments or accounts, and pinpointing the circumstances or areas in a business practice that are responsible for substantial losses. Her passion lies within the philanthropic and scientific endeavor.
Sandra is owner of the group The Pythagoras Portal, where much of her efforts are concentrated in the evolving discussions with other spiritual academics, to bring about sustainable change ideas in all sectors.
The group objective is to discuss and debate the solution of a higher understanding, that is given to humanity through her mediumship with the advanced spiritual.
Sandra has written a spiritual dossier entitled Merkabah at the Centre of the Universe. The book can be read on the Harper Collins website, where it currently holds seventh place in the all-time chart, under genre of popular science. The book outlines her journey into the spiritual realm, and the scientific elements which are in store for us through humanity’s innovative future. She has a prospective publisher with interest, and they are waiting for a predicted archeological discovery, before adding the last and final chapter of the book. The working title of chapter 13 is: The Eleventh Hour Septuagint.
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