Advisory Board

Sergio Lebid

Sergio Lebid is Cofounder at Advanced Cavitation Institute for Alternative Energy & Nanotechnology and EVP, Cofounder at NanoSpire, Inc.
Sergio is global-minded and dedicated to foreseeing and acting upon technological innovations and trends. He is interested in cavitation-based processing for nanotechnology, NEMS/MEMS manufacturing, lithography, nanomedicine, alternative energy including cellulosic ethanol, nonedible feedstock biofuels, solar, zero point energy/fusion/LENR/transmutation and improved cleaner fossil fuel production including coal-to-liquid. His emphasis is on clean/cheap alternative energy and discovering faster, cleaner, less energy consuming and higher quality processing and fabrication methods.
He cofounded several high-tech companies involving platform processing technologies targeting high-end markets. He has completed profitable technical sales from chemicals to complex USD multi-million capital processing equipment for pharmaceuticals, energy, fossil fuels, alternative energy, engineered materials, among other applications.
Sergio is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian and appreciates cultural attributes. He has been a global road warrior for over 30 years.
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