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Shaun Gurmin

Shaun Gurmin is a successful, multi-award winning, serial entrepreneur, ranked in the top 100 entrepreneurs in the UK by Striding Out. He is Founder and President at West Midlands Business Network: the #1 Business Network for the West Midlands; Quality Controller, Project Manager & Internal Consultant at University of Wolverhampton; Founder, Chairman & President at CHARGE; and Founder and President at ProjectPros.
Shaun is a successful business consultant and has transformed poor performing organizations into thriving businesses, results are evidenced by recommendation. According to one client, Shaun has “a creative mind and is quality focused… Managed the project well including time managing me… his knowledge of marketing was very informative… I learned so much from him” Christopher Townsend, Chairman, RMA Wolverhampton.
He also has exceptional commercial awareness honed through his hobby of writing business articles which have been published throughout the internet — including the internationally acclaimed
Shaun authored Prince2: Project Management Methodology, Prince2 Without the Jargon, The Difference Between a Leader and Manager, Time Management & Problem Solving: Challenges and Solutions, How to Optimize a Webpage, The Most Important Thing for a Networking Event, The Smallest Thing You can do to Create the Biggest Impact on Making Your Customers Happy, What It Takes to Sustain Customer Loyalty, Who is a Company’s Most Important Stakeholder?, and The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager.
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