Advisory Board

Sidney Clouston

Sidney Clouston is Owner and CEO of Clouston Energy Research and International Director of RSECE.
Clouston Energy Research was founded to research photovoltaic energy. Over the years, they have worked with Russian and NASA scientists, and MIT has hosted Sidney at their Sustainable Development forum. Clouston Energy Research’s work has resulted in symposium papers, funding proposals, and advanced theoretical concept papers for clean solar energy, energy storage inside space-based systems, and interstellar spacecraft propulsion research.
As International Director of the Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence, Sidney guides the organization towards its vision; to expand the frontiers and applications of solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and other renewable energy resources in and out of Sub Sahara Africa.
Sidney earned his Associates of Arts in Business Administration and Finance from Long Beach City College in California. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Finance from California State University, Long Beach.
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