Advisory Board

Simon Edhouse, MSTC

Simon Edhouse, MSTC is Managing Director at Virtusoft.
Virtusoft is a marketing focused software development company currently working on niche market web services and iPhone and Android application development. The company also has a long-term interest in emergent-semantics, information-science, and distributed computing applications.
Simon’s background spans Advertising, Interactive Media, Music, Film and Video GM. He was Managing Director of Australian Holographics for 6 years (1992–1998) building an international reputation and clientele for the company, selling large format holographic-displays to Expo 93 in South Korea, Holographic Billboards for the Singapore Military and installations throughout Asia and Europe. He was also former Managing Director with Ogilvy Interactive in Shanghai and Alliance and Innovation Manager with DDB Digital in Sydney.
He has a special interest in distributed computing and disruptive innovation strategy, particularly as a means to do something remedial in relation to offering new solutions to fix internet advertising.
His specialties include brand development, strategic communications, internet technologies, and usability & interface design. He also has many years experience as a filmmaker and composer. He was previously winner of the Young Composers Award music to film category, and various other related honors, a few careers ago.
Simon earned his MSTC in Science and Technology Commercialization at the University of Adelaide in 2006.
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