Advisory Board

Soren C. Stirling

Soren C. Stirling is Computational Genomics Theoretician at MAGLAB and SD9 VR Labs.
Soren is currently researching a multi-strand approach to the problems of regenerative medicine, critical care, and organ banking with two UK Universities.
His goals are to fast track delivery systems of whole body rejuvenation therapies and meld them with critical care and tissue engineering leading to fully reversible cryonics systems within the next ten years.
His research is based on bioinformatics data and genomics using novel methods in tandem with other coordinated work around the world.
Soren also created an extreme sport cycle racing team to raise money for regenerative medicine.
Read about the research on cryoprotectant toxicity by João Pedro de Magalhães and Soren Stirling. Watch Synthetic Precambrian Ecologies. Visit his Facebook page. Read Soren’s LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.