Advisory Board

Stephen Geary, MSc

Stephen Geary, MSc is CEO at Sothic Bioscience and Consultant at Nicopolis Design and Consulting.
Sothic Bioscience was founded in 2015 with the mission to combine synthetic biology and business to improve our outdated supply chain. They use cutting-edge biotechnology to bring long-needed change towards a more efficient, sustainable, and animal-friendly industry. A current project is to remove the threatened Horseshoe Crab species from the pharmaceutical quality control supply chain. The blue blood of Horseshoe Crabs is the only source for L.A.L. (Limulus amebocyte lysate), a critically important and highly regulated quality control reagent in our medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Stephen is member of the Biochemical Society and Royal Society of Biology. He is a Challenge Curator for Hello Tomorrow. He also cofounded Forma Biolabs, a home for bio-curiosity in Cork City Centre.
His previous work experience includes Laboratory Demonstrator at University College Cork, Researcher at Proteomics Research Laboratory, and Senior Network Operator at AOL. Stephen has been profiled by Bloomberg and UCC.
He graduated with a BSc in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology in 2012, and a BSc in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in 2013 from Cork Institute of Technology. He earned a Master of Science in Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Biology in 2014 from University College Cork.
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