Advisory Board

Tammy Camp

Tammy Camp is Managing Partner at Camp International, Ambassador to Kuwait at Singularity University, and Advisory Board Member at Brandon Hall Group.
Tammy, known as the “Lara Croft of the web” according to Forbes, is a venture investor and company advisor in San Francisco, California.
An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Tammy has taken part in numerous successful business endeavors, facilitating over $1 billion in sales. She has collaborated with organizations such as Lloyds TSB,, Holiday Autos, and eBay to scale their businesses on an international level. She also arbitraged media buys resulting in a capital performance track record of 60% return on investment, outperforming the world’s top hedge funds 3 to 1.
She also serves as an advisor to numerous startups in the security, consumer internet, and executive research fields. She has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, NPR and the International Business Times. She has also served as a host for the US Department of State’s “New Beginning: Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation” program, which hosted the top entrepreneurs from over 28 countries.
Tammy is a graduate of the GSP11 program at Singularity University at NASA Ames and holds a world record in kiteboarding.
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