Advisory Board

Thomas McFadden, Jr.

Thomas McFadden, Jr. is Engineering Change Management / Technical Writer / IP Manager at Ocean Technology Systems.
Tom demonstrates an understanding of problems and takes leadership to deliver successful solutions under strict time constraints. He can develop and implement a successful business strategy and follow through during each phase of a project as needed. He assimilates business knowledge such as design engineering, analysis and relative documentation, and technical principles quickly through projects performed both individually as well as with Senior Management and their respective departments.
He has the ability to develop a framework around thought process and simplify to target audience, which reflects both analytical and creative thinking skills, and can advise, is open minded, and exhibits excellent listening skills. He is able to develop competency level on new technology quickly and put to use while “hitting the ground running”.
Tom earned his BSBA in Finance at the University of Florida — Warrington College Of Business in 1991.
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