Advisory Board

Tiago Soromenho

Tiago Soromenho is Chief Information Officer at Crowd 2 Space International, Director of Human Experience and Technology at New Worlds Institute, and VP of User Experience and Product Capabilities at Mozido.
Tiago is an entrepreneur and award-winning creative director with a passion for helping companies identify, acquire, or create best-of-class brand experiences and capabilities that exceed expectations, satisfy customer needs, fulfill business goals, and provide return on investment.
He is currently focused on identifying strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and acquisitions for Mozido Inc., following the merger with StickyStreet, Inc, as well as helping Mozido continue to expand its newly acquired loyalty engine into emerging economies around the world, providing the non-banked access to rewards, incentives, and financial services they never had before.
Crowd 2 Space International is a first of its kind space venture. They are developing strategic financing, crowdsourcing, and crowdvetting solutions for space technology, exploration, economic development, tourism, and settlement.
The New Worlds Institute is dedicated to opening the space frontier in our lifetime. They are all kinds of people from all around this world who are working to open the next. From major scientists and students to engineers, entrepreneurs, and makers — they are rolling up their sleeves to blaze and pave the critical path to the frontier.
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