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Tom Foremski

The article 140 Characters Is The New Container For Ideas (Under 120 If You Want To Go Viral (Room To RT) said

Anti-Twitter mania will hit the media very soon. For now, mainstream and newstream media is still in a honeymoon period with Twitter.
Earlier today, Ev Williams, cofounder of Twitter was on Charlie Rose, and there have been many favorable news articles discovering Twitter as if for the first time.
The next stage in the media landscape for Twitter is to knock it down. I already see the seeds of the pushback in conversations I’ve had with people in journalism, PR, marketing, communications, etc.
The popular point of view is that the 140 characters that Twitter allows is not enough to express much of anything. But that’s not my point of view.

Tom Foremski was the author of this article and publishes Silicon Valley Watcher — reporting on the business and culture of Silicon Valley. Tom is former news reporter and Silicon Valley columnist for the Financial Times.
Tom arrived in San Francisco in 1984, and has covered US technology markets for leading computer journals around the world.
He has been reporting on the business of Silicon Valley for US and global newspapers and magazines since 1984. He also published a local newspaper in San Francisco 1987 to 1989. He worked full-time for the Financial Times from 1999 to 2004 and contributed articles from 1985 onwards. He has been working as a media entrepreneur for much of his working life.
Tom is also involved in several new media/communications projects including changing the format of the press release so that it more accurately reflects our multi-layered media world.
His business focus is:

  • Reporting on the business and culture of Silicon Valley.
  • Creating media businesses.
  • Consulting on corporate strategy.
  • Consulting on marketing strategies.
  • Consulting on online marketing strategies.
  • Media and public relations strategy.
Tom authored Everyone has a secret life but will Google find it?, How will the recession affect Silicon Valley?, Is there a silver lining in cloud computing?, Die! Press release! Die! Die! Die!, Tim Ferriss: Technology is a Great Slave but a Terrible Master, and OMG: The derivatives bubble = $190K per person on planet.
Tom earned his BSc. in Chemistry and Management Science in 1980 at Royal Holloway College – University of London.
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