Advisory Board

Tony Greenberg

Tony Greenberg is Chairman of RampRate Sourcing Advisors, CEO of Taste Corp which is focused on evolving the world of wine and spirits, and he is working on some very interesting technologies that intend to be the most unique syzygy of social media, lead generation / SEO and the domains space.
An idea generator turning perceptions and industries sideways since he was 17, Tony is currently tearing down and rebuilding 2 markets: IT services and wine & spirits.
From driving mass customization in the eyewear industry, to convincing the world that it didn’t need to hug its servers at Exodus, to pioneering online video 5 years before YouTube at DEN, Tony has fearlessly challenged and changed the status quo, while thinking ahead to the endgame when the board was still being set up. He has cut out millions of misspent money and uncovered dozens of industry myths in order to make new markets and innovations flower.
Today Tony is the visionary behind RampRate, an IT services decision hub that makes multi-million dollar matches between people that need some really cold space, massive computing power and near infinite bandwidth and companies that can do so reliably, cheaply, and effectively. To the best of his knowledge, these have been used to house hot servers rather than cold bodies and corporate rather than corporeal consciousnesses, but that could change in the long run. His latest project is bringing the same decision engine to the consumer world, helping consumers start on a discovery process about their own palates, tastes, and matches with the optimal liquid refreshment.
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Visit his website and read Tony’s blog on The Huffington Post. Follow his Twitter Feed and read his LinkedIn page.