Advisory Board

Tony O’Connell

Tony O’Connell is Managing Director at Network One. Network One is a space to learn how to create elegant websites, ecommerce stores, animation, and digital media.
About Network One:
Empower students and enterprises to create intellectual property (IP) and social capital.

  • Intellectual Property: IP refers to creations of the mind. Just like physical property can be owned so too can literary, artistic, technological, and business artifacts. Network One helps individuals and organizations to create, use, protect, and distribute IP.
  • Social Capital: Social capital is the advantage created by a person’s location in a structure of relationships. Network One helps individuals and organizations gain more success through superior connections to other people using online social networks.
  • Learning: Network One provides courses, workshops, and tutorials in web design, multimedia, software engineering, marketing, and ebusiness.
  • Technology: Network One provides next-generation, open source, web, ecommerce, and elearning technology on-demand.
  • Network: Network One provides spaces for social learning & collaboration for individuals and enterprises who create digital media.
Read his his LinkedIn profile, and his Quora profile. Read his blog. Follow his Twitter feed.