Advisory Board

Travis Falstad, MBA

Travis Falstad, MBA is a mobile application entrepreneur / technology strategist who is Managing Director at MoSoCo and Managing Director at Intergalactic Tech.
Travis has held leadership roles in the gaming and entertainment industries for over 15 years. He is currently consulting on a variety of technology and marketing projects while running his own mobile application ventures.
He is currently director of mobile applications at Creative Technologies Inc. At CTI, he is directing the development of mobile platform training aid applications for the US Army’s Fires Center of Excellence. Two initial applications are designed to develop students’ cognitive decision-making skills along with collaborative visualization capabilities.
In 2010, Travis completed the MBA program at Loyola Marymount University with a dual major in International Business and Entrepreneurship. He completed a published research project on Mobile Commerce in South America. “Framework for Navigating the South American Mobile Market: Lessons from Selected Countries”, coauthored with Dr. K. Seal, et al, International Journal of Mobile Marketing, 2009.
Travis worked to develop the launch marketing, monetization, advertising programs, customer support, and viral strategy for the social games group at Electronic Arts. He initially worked to develop Facebook Scrabble and then transitioned to the new slate of social games titles.
He started in 1994 at the University of Kansas’ college radio station, KJHK. He worked a highly coveted midnight – 3 AM on-air gig and helped to established KJHK as one of the first college radio stations with a continuous live feed. He then relocated to Los Angeles with little foresight and less money where he worked at Rock the Vote speaking on anti-censorship panels and managing artist relations to compile “get out the vote” public service messages. He went on to where he helped to set up artist memorabilia auctions (one notable auction was Marilyn Manson’s Fiero from in high school) and manage artist fan clubs.
Travis moved to House of Blues concerts where he helped launch HOB’s ticketing system and establish best practices for concert promotion and analytics. He later ran the online marketing group at Hot Topic, Inc where he set up the email marketing program, paid search program, CRM platform, and analytics.
He is a frequent speaker at social networking and mobile conferences. Visit his Facebook page. Read his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.