Advisory Board

Dr. Ulrich D. Jentschura

Ulrich D. Jentschura, Ph.D., Habil (Theoretical Physics) is Privatdozent at Heidelberg University and Heisenberg Fellow.
His Fields of Interest are:

  • Quantum field theory in application to the high-precision theory of low-energy processes.
  • Relativistic quantum dynamic processes in high-intensity laser fields.
  • Analysis of high-precision spectroscopy experiments.
  • Renormalization-group (RG) analysis of critical phenomena.
  • Instantons and large-order perturbation theory including quantum dynamic applications.
His Quantum Field Theory and Applications to Low-Energy Processes group deals with quantum electrodynamic bound-state calculations, relativistic quantum dynamic processes in laser fields, and the analysis of high-precision experiments. Also, his group is concerned with the renormalization-group (RG) analysis of critical phenomena, and with generalized quantization conditions for quantum mechanical problems with allowance for instanton configurations, and related problems from large-order perturbation theory. Further activities concern many-body atomic physics calculations, which are pursued in collaboration with other scientists from both the theoretical department and experimental groups at the Institute.
Ulrich authored Quantum Electrodynamics and the Hydrogen Atom and coauthored Quantum Dot Potentials: Symanzik Scaling, Resurgent Expansions and Quantum Dynamics, Applicability of layered sine-Gordon models to layered superconductors: II. The case of magnetic coupling, On the applicability of the layered sine-Gordon model for Josephson-coupled high-T_c layered superconductors, Renormalization-Group Analysis of the Generalized sine-Gordon Model and of the Coulomb Gas for d >= 3 Dimensions, Higher-Order Corrections to Instantons, Structure, Time Propagation, and Dissipative Terms for Resonances, Instantons in Quantum Mechanics and Resurgent Expansions, Implementation of the Combined — Nonlinear Condensation Transformation, and Downloads Related to Quantum Dynamics. Read the full list of his publications!
Ulrich earned his MSc in Theoretical Physics with the thesis Theory of the Lamb Shift in Hydrogen-Like Systems at the Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik in Garching in 1996. He earned his PhD in 1999 at Technische Universität Dresden and his Habilitation at Technische Universität Dresden in 2003 with the thesis Quantum Electrodynamic Bound-State Calculations and Large-Order Perturbation Theory.