Advisory Board

Vadim Berman

Vadim Berman is CTO at LinguaSys and CEO at Digital Sonata.
LinguaSys develops, markets, and sells Human Language Technologies capable of highly customized text translation and cross-lingual text analytics. They provide language middleware to large enterprises and governments. They have offices in Australia, Germany, and the United States.
Vadim created the Carabao Language Kit, a text understanding platform with various uses from machine translation to semantic search and question answering, over the course of 7 years. Vadim has diverse experience working with small and large enterprises in Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Asia, both in the mainstream IT and language technologies. His articles on language technologies were published in Multilingual magazine.
Vadim authored Evaluating Emerging Language Technologies, “Internet” for Developing Countries, and Machine Translation: not a Pseudoscience.
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