Advisory Board

Vera Mulyani, M.Arch., M.A.

Vera Mulyani, M.Arch., M.A. is CEO of Mars City Design, Board Member at STEM for Women Magazine, Cofounder at Spaceport LA, and Conceptual Architect at A.L.L. Architects.
Recognized as the “Santa Monica Renaissance Woman”, Vera’s innovative visions as a conceptual architect brought her to also become a critically acclaimed filmmaker, photographer, author of fantasy children books, and an architectural research thesis.
In obtaining her master’s degree in architecture, Vera exhibited her thesis book F*** da Rules, questioning Manhattan’s urban design, offering a chilling forecast of the economy collapsing through the 2005–2007 construction boom. She developed a distinct concept of Recycling Cities, which consisted of transforming damaged areas caused by industrial and cosmopolitan needs into self-sustaining Green Zones, to better integrate a natural environment into human living space. Vera’s concept of urbanism advocates a self-sustaining lifestyle, which contributes to nature.
Her second master’s degree was in Visual Arts (Cinematography), in New York. Her award-winning short films were presented at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. She recently published her children books and one of the stories, Mr. Blue, inspired her to contribute her creative skills to space exploration.
Vera’s contribution for the next generation’s great adventure to live on Mars, debuted in creating Mars City Design, a collaborative competition platform, uniting innovative thinkers to design the blueprint for future self-sustaining, autonomous cities on Mars. She challenges candidates to become “responsible guardians of the planets”, providing the designs that are not just beneficial to humans but also to nature, “Turning the Red Planet back into Green”. Her sincere hope is that the future winning designs can provide positive influences to the cities on Earth today. Vera recently co-founded and organize Spaceport LA, the biggest space community in Southern California.
Vera was previously Team Leader for “‘Asteroid Mission’ — One Stop before Mars” at the NASA sponsored SpaceApp Hackathon.
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