Advisory Board

Vince Samios

Vince Samios is Director at Shensmith Group, Founder at Laser Cold Storage — Bitcoin Wallets, Director at Edwards Samios Marketing Ltd, Advisory Board Member at Mouldings Industry Association, Director at Ltd, and Director at Profound Ventures Ltd.
Vince is a professional director both in full-time roles and non-executive roles with a long standing expertise in full scope online and offline marketing, focusing on congruency between marketing efforts, and business logic/strategy.
He’s built his own business to a 7 figure sterling turnover and assisted others in achieving similar successes. He’s helped a wide variety of businesses from manufacturing, to silicon valley startups. Although the industries have been varied; he finds there is a large overlap in business logic between all the companies he’s had the pleasure of being involved with.
Vince has also grown a few successful YouTube channels on topics of interest, gardening and crypto-currencies, which are growing rapidly with large subscriber and view counts. There are gigantic opportunities for businesses in social media channels such as YouTube if correctly targeted, and more recently feedback regarding YouTube marketing strategies developed through operating my own channels has been phenomenal.
He was an early investor in Bitcoin, buying in at exactly $10/BTC, and he’s developed in-depth understanding and expertise in the field. He manages a Bitcoin mining farm, moderates many Bitcoin community discussions, and acts as advisor for two Bitcoin startups. He also offers Bitcoin cold-storage options including multi-party signed wallets and laser etched cold-storage “paper” wallets. If you are interested in integrating Bitcoin he can show you the way, and in the process expose the amazing marketing power of embracing new technologies.
Vince has spoken at conferences and universities on topics ranging from marketing to entrepreneurship, including YouTube and Cryptocurrencies.
In his personal life he’s a Master Freemason, and he’s applying to become a magistrate. He was born in Australia, spent four years in Cambodia (with the Australian Embassy), and now he’s borderline English. He also flies paragliders when the weather permits it.
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