Advisory Board

Vipul (VK) Kumar, MBA

Vipul (VK) Kumar, MBA is Director & Chief Technology Officer at Wiztango and Mentor – Online & Alliances at Softbridge Solutions.
Wiztango is the world’s first and only activity-based social learning network. They create a free social engagement wrapper for any real-world (classroom or virtual) training activity. The training activity can be transacted upon by the users in The Learning Market (TLM) and expand their sales reach thru various sales channels. The learner achieves learning in a collaborative social network with the training activity as the context.
VK was previously Founder Director at Prejas Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Founder Director at Centhrix Technologies, Senior Vice President & CTO at GEPL Capital Pvt. Ltd, Senior Vice President & CTO at Anand Rathi Securities Ltd, Senior Manager at Synechron Technologies, Project Manager at KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd, Team Leader & Software Developer at Digital Dispatch Systems, and Software Developer and Tech Lead at IPCS Inc.
VK earned his degree in Engineering, Electrical, & Electronics at Bangalore University in 1996. He earned his MBA in International Business at Symbiosis International University in 2006.
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