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Professor William Sutherland

William Sutherland, Ph.D. is the Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology at the University of Cambridge. He is currently the President of the British Ecological Society. He is also a fellow of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge since 2008.
Bill’s research interests largely involve predicting the consequences of environmental change. He is known for his research on integrating science and policy particularly in the field of evidence-based conservation. Over the last three decades, his research has spanned several disciplines. Two of his key contributions have been the horizon scanning exercises to identify future priority issues and the 100 important questions in various disciplines (ecology, poverty prevention, global agriculture and food amongst others. He has also worked extensively on bird population ecology and the biodiversity impacts of agriculture.
His awards include Scientific Medal, Zoological Society of London, 1997; Marsh Award for Ecology, British Ecological Society, 2001; Marsh Award for Conservation Biology, Zoological Society of London, 2005; Ecological Engagement Award, British Ecological Society, 2012; Distinguished Service Award, Society for Conservation Biology, 2013; and Sir John Burnett Memorial Lecture Medal, 2013.
Bill edited Ecological Census Techniques: A Handbook and Conservation Science and Action, coedited What Works in Conservation: 2017, Bird Ecology and Conservation: A Handbook of Techniques, Behaviour and Conservation, and Managing Habitats for Conservation, authored The Conservation Handbook: Research, Management and Policy and From Individual Behaviour to Population Ecology, and coauthored Amphibian Conservation: Global evidence for the effects of interventions.
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