Advisory Board

Zachary Urbina

Zachary Urbina is a Pasadena native and a graduate of the University of Southern California. In 2010, he founded Cozy Dark emerging technology, a blog which grew to 70,000 followers before being sold in 2013.
After beginning his professional career in film and television production, Zach gravitated toward entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as digital media, writing, & photography. His opinion-editorials and narrative nonfiction have been published consistently since 2006 and his photography has been published on the internet and in print, in both New York and Los Angeles.
Zach is a contributor to United Academics magazine, signatory to the Service Oriented Architecture, and remains passionate about effective leadership tactics, science & technology, New York City, the science of solar dynamics, and the music of Andrew Bird.
Read Living with the Sun: The Mercy and Fury of our Parent Star and his opinion piece The Last Defense of Science. Browse Zach’s collected digital media. Follow him on Facebook. Read his LinkedIn profile.