Lifeboat Fund Plans

How do we plan on using the Lifeboat Fund? Our immediate goal is to use it to assemble a small staff and to fund a few grants. Later on we will have separate funds to fund large prizes and hope to announce these in the near future.
Here is where it is currently going:
$12,000 to our EM Launch Competition.
$4,000 towards a Second Life conference headed by Matt McGuirl.
$2,500 to our University Outreach Program.
$2,500 to our Lifeboat Podcast for iTunes.
$2,000 for the Freitas Research to Evaluate the Possibility of “Thermal Censorship” of the Existential Ecophagic Risk.
The rest is for funding our small staff and outreach programs.
Future monies will help fund our International Spokesperson Philippe Van Nedervelde, continue to fund our small staff, fund educational videos, fund a conference, and will fund some small grants.
We also plan on launching a professional scenario-planning project that scouts possible and plausible variations of the future and an LF technology development roadmapping project that will map out all the smaller and larger technology development and engineering steps needed to go from where we are now to where we can actually help implement defenses against misuses of the increasingly powerful technologies of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Many of these steps will require large prizes to inspire people to work on the problems.