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Aaron Davidson, BSc, MSc

Aaron Davidson, BSc, MSc, is a prolific software developer and researcher with a diverse background in Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Computing, and Computational Biology.
Aaron earned his Masters of Computer Science from the University of Alberta, exploring the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory to play the game of Poker at an advanced level. He then worked for BioTools Inc. writing bioinformatics software — genomics and proteomics applications, sequence alignment, protein folding, cell simulations, and spectrographic analysis algorithms. He has developed software that assisted in mapping the human genome, and published a fast algorithm for optimal sequence alignment.
More recently, he developed Poker Academy, a commercial product based on the poker AI developed at the University of Alberta.
Aaron now lives in Dublin, Ireland where he engineers massively scalable network architectures for the online poker industry. In his spare time he works on his open-source project CRON-o-Meter, a nutrition tracking suite designed for practitioners of Caloric Restriction. He also dabbles in the toy-worlds of artificial-life, exploring ecology simulations, genetic algorithms, and neural networks.
His publications include Approximating Game-Theoretic Optimal Strategies for Full-scale Poker, Using Artificial Neural Networks to Model Opponents in Texas Hold’em, Science as a Belief System, Online Communities v.s. Classical Communities, A Fast Pruning Algorithm for Optimal Sequence Alignment, Solving Games with Distributed Computing: A System for Network, Parallel Traversal of Signature Trees for Fast CBIR, and “The Most Annoyingly Obtuse Argument…” (And Its Anthropic Cousins). Read the full list of his publications!
As an avid futurist/extropian/transhumanist/singularitarian who believes talk is cheap, he is a member of the Mprize 300. When he grows up he wants to be a mad scientist, so the Lifeboat Foundation had best keep an eye on him.
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