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Ahmed El Hady

Ahmed El Hady is Guest Associate Editor at Frontiers in Neural Circuits for a special topic issue, Researcher at Hybrid Reality Institute, and Graduate Student at Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization.
Ahmed is interested in the emerging field of closed loop neurophysiology. He is working on a neurotechnology project using light sensitive ion channels (e.g. channelrhodopsin-2) in order to control neuronal network dynamics in a closed loop fashion.
As a Guest editor at Frontiers in Neural Circuits, he is cohosting a special topic issue on closed loop approaches in neurosciences. This Frontiers Research Topic will spotlight advances in the newly emerging field of closed loop neurophysiology. The basic paradigm involves recording neural activity or behavior and delivering activity-dependent stimulation in real time. Closing the loop around neural systems offers advantages over traditional open-loop neurophysiological approaches by providing the ability to stimulate neural systems contingent on their behavior.
Closed loop neurophysiology has been advanced by recent software and hardware developments and by the emergence of novel tools to control neuronal activity with spatial and temporal precision. Real-time stimulation feedback enables a wide range of innovative studies of information processing and plasticity in neuronal networks. In addition to advancing basic neuroscience, bidirectional neural interfaces provide novel adaptive neuroprosthetic devices that incorporate artificial sensory feedback. Activity-dependent stimulation also promises innovative paradigms for effective treatment of neurological diseases.
As a researcher at the Hybrid Reality Institute, Ahmed is analyzing the trends of convergence of neuro-nano-bio technologies and proposed new ways of interaction among them. He believes that the rapid convergence of the neuro-nano-biotechnologies will revolutionize our understanding of human beings, will help us to transcend our human limitations, and will provide us with novel therapeutics & intelligent machines. Furthermore, he thinks that the rapid convergence and accelerated evolution of these technologies is further enhanced by innovations in digital and engineering technologies that provide a necessary infrastructure.
Ahmed authored Is Reality Real?
Ahmed earned his BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Cairo University in 2006. He graduated Singularity University in 2011 and is currently a graduate student at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization.
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