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Alexander MacRae

Alexander MacRae has spent more than 40 years in industry, a lot of the time in research and development including a time at SRT, Palo Alto, where he carried out several research contracts for NASA and other agencies in the area of speech and hearing, particularly where difficult circumstances obtain.
During this time he established two new theoretical approaches to the problems – “Confusion Matrices”, which addressed the question of the ways in which errors in aural comprehension occur and why, and “Unilateral Transforms” – which analyzes errors to determine where the communication system might be defective or can be modified so as to optimize comprehension.
He started his career at EMI Development Laboratories in Hayes, Middlesex, working on the UK’s first solid state computer, the EMIDEC, under Godfrey Hounsfield, (now Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, Nobel Laureate, FRS) and then continued on into industry, largely in the aerospace sector. From 1978 as the founder and CEO of Skyetech Ltd, he was involved in work for Hewlett Packard, British Aerospace, Smiths Aerospace, Marconi Aerospace, Motorola Communications, and Ultra Electronics.
In retirement he is involved in research into speech, hearing, and the nature of their encoding and decoding. Information space and its implications holds a special interest to him. He considers that there is a convergence between the neural and processing aspects of all sensations — not just hearing, and holds a number of patents in this area.
Alexander is a Fellow of the Bial Foundation, has a degree in Electronics Engineering, and was a Senior Member of the IEEE.
His publications include The Mystery of The Voices ISBN 978–0-557–34685–1, Sanctuary Press, Amazon. A means for producing the electronic voice phenomenon based on electro-dermal activity, The Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (London), 68.1 pp 35–50. EVP Experiment Inside a Double Screened Room, The Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (London), 69.4 pp 191–201. Information and Spirit, The Open Information Science Journal, 2010, 3. Bentham Science Publishers. (Awaiting publication).
Alexander also authored the following articles for h+ Magazine: The Nature of Identity: Part 1, The Nature of Identity: Part 2, and The Nature of Identity: Part 3.