Advisory Board

Antoine van de Ven, M.Sc.

Antoine van de Ven, M.Sc. teaches and is doing Ph.D. research at Fontys University, The Netherlands.
Antoine holds a Master’s degree in Physics and Astronomy from Utrecht University. From 1997 to 2008 he worked for several organizations and companies in the creative industry on several award winning innovative educational and serious gaming projects. He has experience as Software Engineer, Project Manager, Researcher, Technical Director, and Lecturer.
He is engaging in Artificial Intelligence research with the goal of designing a new kind of intelligent agent (for smart objects, environments, robots, or toys) that can exhibit exploratory and playful behavior. This is done by modeling surprise and implementing artificial intrinsic motivations such as curiosity to drive the learning and interactions (Curiosity-Driven Interaction). This could lead to new adaptive and interactive systems with open-ended learning and development capabilities that can autonomously adjust and learn from new and changing situations.
Antoine coauthored A minimum relative entropy principle for AGI and authored Superluminal signal velocities without causality violations, A space-time formalism with negative mass, and Deriving relativity without using the principle of relativity. Read the full list of his publications!