Advisory Board

Bhavesh Sanghvi, M.S.

Bhavesh Sanghvi, M.S. is Software Development Engineer at Microsoft.
In 2008, Bhavesh worked on the open source OpenBiomind (part of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence’s OpenCog – Open Cognition Project). OpenBiomind is a toolkit for analysis of gene expression, SNP and other biological datasets using advanced machine learning and pattern mining techniques, and includes traditional clustering, hybrid clustering, and other techniques.
OpenBiomind commands cover:

  • Dataset enhancement, with information extracted from gene and protein ontologies, as well as other dataset treatments/transformations (such as feature selection and creation of validation folds)
  • Multiple classification model generation, for a given dataset using several modalities of GP.
  • Important Feature computation
  • Clustering using direct expression or MOBRA/MUTIC transformations
  • Cluster visualization (conventional, raster,color-coded)
  • Graph visualization showing various inter-relationships among features: co-expression, co-occurrence and utility and differentiation ranks
  • Multiple “pipelines” – sequences of chained commands where output of one or more commands is used as the input for a different command, including a “complete pipeline” command were all possible chains are explored.
Bhavesh earned his M.S. in Computer Science at Iowa State University in 2010 with the thesis “Identifying and Eliminating Inconsistencies in Mappings across Hierarchical Ontologies”. He earned his B.E. in Computer Engineering at Devi Ahilya University, India in 2004.
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