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Brady McKenna

Brady McKenna is Consultant/Researcher at Tecmap Consulting.
Tecmap Consulting is the bridge to understanding the emerging decentralized economy, not to be fooled by bitcoin alone. If your sole focus is bitcoin, you may not be grasping the broad concept of blockchain technologies. They’re here to help you understand what a difference decentralization can bring to society, as well as shed light on some of the social consequences of underestimating such a powerful technology.
Brady is an emerging financial technology consultant. He has been working in the IT field for several years with a strong focus on hardware. He has experience in customer service and sales. In the past he has been a maintenance manager, performing artist, and producer. He also has provided services such as logo design, music composition, commercials, voice acting, and audio mastering/editing.
He has worked in the computer service and sales industry for over four years. His services have included providing remote support, conducting hardware/software troubleshooting or upgrades, constructing custom gaming computers and distributed networking hardware, and performing in home support/troubleshooting and training. He also has done extensive computer security/maintenance auditing. Additionally, he has done PR, radio, and commercial work for individuals, organizations, and companies.
Brady has a strong understanding of the emerging financial infrastructure surrounding the bitcoin economy, He has done consulting for a number of individuals and has been following bitcoin’s development since its conception. He has a vast amount of knowledge in the emerging programmable currency market that spans the economic, philosophical, legal, and fundamental aspects. He is actively involved in the research of these emerging technologies and he currently offers services to anyone interested in learning more about this exciting new technology.
Brady was previously tech, OS specialist, software specialist, and system security specialist at Cofex Computing and Owner at Dual Minds.
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