Advisory Board

Bryce A. Lynch

Bryce A. Lynch’s professional history is varied and complex. At present he works as an integration security engineer for Ripple Labs, which was recently voted one of the 50 Smartest Companies of 2014 by the MIT Technology Review.
In the past he has worked as a security researcher, penetration tester, technical writer, software engineer, and system administrator. He is a consulting agent of the hacktivist group Telecomix and was involved in the Arab Spring as an intelligence analyst and subject matter expert (network engineering and cryptography). In recent years he has presented at the conferences HOPE, CarolinaCon, and F/OSScon.
Bryce occasionally conducts hands-on classes about information, communication, and operational security for journalists and activists in the field. He is one of the core developers of Project Byzantium, a live distribution of Linux for rapidly and easily building ad-hoc wireless mesh networks in locations where the communications infrastructure has been damaged or compromised.
His personal research at this time includes emergent properties of cryptocurrency blockchains and public ledgers, machine learning and semi-autonomous intelligent agents, censorship circumvention technologies, OSINT (Open Source INTelligence information and analysis), fifth generation warfare, and adhocratic organization patterns. He blogs about various and sundry things (including emerging and open source technologies and advances in medicine) at Antarctica Starts Here. He is an alumnus of HacDC, a hackerspace in Washington, DC.