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Ciaran Healy

Ciaran Healy is an independent philosopher working from Edinburgh.
Key elements of his work involve advancements to Karl Popper’s work on the philosophy of science, and using those advancements to directly chart the core of human nature itself. He has been working in this area for 18 years.
Ciaran’s work fuses the depth and transformational power of Eastern thought with the clarity and actionability of Western scientific precision, specifically centred on the core processes that underlie human suffering and delusion.
He believes that a broad focus is crucial to a philosopher, and his work also includes new perspectives on quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and evolution. He has a profound admiration for the research of professional scientists, and works to make sure he uses their work with respect and fidelity.
For Ciaran, philosophy is not some dry and abstract pursuit, but the visceral pioneering of the deepest, most intimate, and most powerful hidden truths of reality and human life. He works to open up new ways of living that transcend the pettiness and strife of human nature, and bring these to the world.
The work he does is focused on making deep truth so clear that it can — at least in principle — be used by anyone who wants to use it. He offers services in consultancy and philosophical investigation through his website, and a subscription service for those who want to ask questions.
Ciaran doesn’t understand why people don’t want to change the world, or make their lives better, or build a better future.
Well, he does, but he don’t approve.
Ciaran is a regular contributor to H+ Magazine. His articles include The Ones Who Change The World, Beyond Atheism, Transhuman Anarchy, Lovecraft’s Folly, and The Stars Above The Sea.
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