Advisory Board

Collin R. Bockman, J.D.

Collin R. Bockman, J.D. is an attorney at James Rolshouse & Associates, PLLC. His practice areas include administrative law and plaintiff’s product liability. He holds a B.A. in English from Iowa State University and a J.D. from the University of Iowa College of Law, both degrees awarded with distinction.
Collin was one of the members of Singularity University’s inaugural GSP-09 class, specializing in the Policy, Law, and Ethics study track. He was leader of the One Global Voice project team. Although the team did not go on to form a company, it was still an astounding learning experience for all involved. He also presented a speech at SU on commercial spaceflight and space colonization.
Collin is a long-time participant in Model United Nations and has been on the volunteer staff of American Model United Nations International for the past six years. This nonprofit organization holds an annual collegiate Model UN conference in Chicago, attended by over 1,500 students from all over the world. He has served as a member of the Conference Leadership Team and as Director of the International Court of Justice simulation. He believes the world is undergoing a phase shift from independent and sovereign nation-states to more closely intertwined international and transnational political relationships.
While at the University of Iowa College of Law, he established a new student organization: the Iowa Alternative Dispute Resolution Society, which examined the growing transition from litigation as a means of dispute resolution and the resulting impact on the United States legal system. The ADR Society holds panel discussion events and sends law students to mediation and arbitration competitions.
Collin was also a student writer and contributing editor for the Iowa Law Review. His Note, published in Volume 95 of the Iowa Law Review, is entitled Cybernetic-Enhancement Technology and the Future of Disability Law. The article highlights one of the many areas in which he believes that legal and institutional systems are shortsighted in the face of the astonishing pace of technological progress. He also received the Jurisprudence Award for Academic Excellence for his seminar paper, Who Owns the Metaverse: Adapting Legally Cognizable Property Rights to the Challenges of Myriad Virtual Worlds.
His current areas of research and scholarship include neuroethics, public policy, transhumanism, space colonization, and legal systems reform. Outside of law and ethics, his interests include martial arts, meditation, musicianship, history, and literary theory. He can be reached at Twitter, LinkedIn, and [email protected].