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Dr. Eyal Amir

Dr. Eyal Amir has been chosen as one of the top young artificial intelligence researchers by IEEE Intelligent Systems, a prominent publication that focuses on the field of artificial intelligence, where he is featured in the article AI 10 to Watch. He is also Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department and Beckman Institute Affiliate, both at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
Eyal works on artificial intelligence with an emphasis on building applied systems that make use of knowledge when devising their actions. In this pursuit he uses principled, mathematical tools from logic, probability theory, and decision theory together with insights from cognitive science. Technically, his effort focuses on automatic reasoning, representing and using commonsense knowledge and relational uncertain knowledge, autonomous agent control and architectures, planning and rational decision making, and learning explicit knowledge in dynamic settings. He is also interested in graph algorithms, building large commonsense knowledge bases, and reactive systems. He is interested in applications of those in robotics, machine learning, vision, virtual worlds, and computer games, and building human-level AI programs.
He authored Dividing and Conquering Logic, Approximation Algorithms for Treewidth, Object-Oriented First-Order Logic, Souslin Absoluteness, Uniformization and Regularity Properties of Projective Sets, and Towards a Formalization of Elaboration Tolerance: Adding and Deleting Axioms and he coauthored Logic-Based Subsumption Architecture and Strategies for Focusing Structure-Based Theorem Proving. Read a full list of his publications!
Eyal earned a B.Sc. (cum laude) in Mathematics and Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University in 1990, a M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University in 1994, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Stanford University in 2001. He did his post-doctoral research in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at UC Berkeley from 2001 to 2003.
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