Advisory Board

Dr. Helgi Helgason

Helgi Helgason, Ph.D. is an expert on artificial intelligence who performed his doctoral work at Reykjavík University, Iceland.
In June 2013, Helgi completed his Ph.D. degree after spending four years on artificial general intelligence (AGI) research for the European Union sponsored project HUMANOBS. Attention mechanisms for AGI systems was the topic of his dissertation.
His interest in computers and programming was born at age 6 when he received a Sinclair Spectrum computer for Christmas and he has been programming ever since. In recent years his focus of attention has been towards artificial intelligence and related subjects. Helgi has been lucky enough to experience working in a number of fields including anti-virus, bio-tech, investment banking, and algorithmic trading. His positions have included programmer, software architect, researcher, and development team leader.
Helgi earned his BSc in Computer Science at the University of Iceland in 2000 with the project “Automated Anti-Virus Analysis System” and his MSc in Computer Science at the University of Iceland in 2002 with the project “Neural Network based Virus Detection”.
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