Advisory Board

Professor J. Tim Denny

J. Tim Denny, Ph.D. is ICT education specialist at PADECO, ICT advisor at Consia Consultants, and ICT teaching and learning specialist at Hifab.
Tim has approximately 20 years of experience in the education sector from both a private and public perspective. As an international development specialist coming from a “pro-poor” position he is a generalist with a science/technology background combined with social sciences yet currently mainly focusing on life quality improvement through use of educational technologies, rural development, and conservation.
As a professional teacher with approximately 15 years college level teaching experience he also brings to projects an in depth understanding of educational needs, rich experience through living and working in a large variety of contexts, and a tenacious desire to assist others to become better in whatever they do.
His specialities include M&E, project management, partnerships/networking (public-private, NGO, IGO), governmental relations, educational administration, training, modernization of education, ICT education and development, low-power computing, and educational software (commercial and open source).
Tim earned his B.S. in Geology/Earth Sciences at Eastern Illinois University in 1988. He earned his M.S. in Educational Administration at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in 1990. He earned his Ph.D. in International Development at the University of Southern California in 1999.
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