Advisory Board

James Felton Keith, MBA

James Felton Keith, MBA is a management consultant, an author, engineer, economics analyst, and entrepreneur. His intrigue with the culture of capitalism and the integration of the world are the primary drivers of his entrepreneurial and educational endeavor.
James has held executive and consultant roles in operations and finance, engineering, energy supply, distribution, and technology for large-scale and startup initiatives in Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa.
He is currently a Principal with Mode Equity Partners from which he caters to a variety of clients the likes of HP, Sapiens, Eskom, and others in the North American and EMEA region.
His philosophical perspective is a result of a series of questions that were raised during his diverse and adverse experiences in the first ten years of the 21st century. Coined Integrationalism, he makes decisions on the notion that all physical beings are physiologically connected at the sub-atomic level. His current objectives are rooted in delivering the technological and economic innovations of the world’s most affluent to under served markets; further, providing a tangible realization of our interconnectedness.
In addition to this he is a former faculty member at Michigan State University, he is the current editor-in-chief of journals at the Centre for Intelligence, Innovation, and Performance Management, current associate editor of The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society; as well as, a member of the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics’ Technology & Ethics study group, a contributor to the Roosevelt Institute, World Future Society, Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, and Lifeboat Foundation, among other think tank and action initiatives.
James earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Tuskegee University in 2005 with a concentration in Physics & Mechatronics, his Masters of Liberal Arts at Harvard University in 2007 with a concentration in Finance & Control, and his MBA in Management at Lawrence Technological University in 2009. with a concentration in Management Operations & IT.
Read Integrationalism: essays on the rationale of abundance, Integrationalism: Essays Exploiting Spiritual Disincentives, and A Brief History of Twirlin’: The When The How and The Who. View his Facebook page. Read his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.