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Dr. John Bohannon

John Bohannon, Ph.D. is Contributing Correspondent, Science Magazine, and Visiting Scholar in the Program in Ethics and Health, Harvard University.
John is a journalist investigating the ethical aspects of science and public health policy. In addition to being a contributing correspondent for Science, he writes for Discover, Wired, and other publications.
While visiting the Harvard University Program in Ethics and Health, he is working on two areas of research: 1) torture – in particular the complicity of scientific and medical workers in torture, and 2) ethical problems involved with obtaining global health data, stemming from his journalistic coverage of the controversial attempts to estimate the health and mortality of the Iraqi population since the US-led invasion.
John authored The Man Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Pyramid, The Freeing of the Tripoli Six, Celebrating Food, Feces, and 3 Billion Years of Evolution, Confusing Kinships, Team Unveils Mideast Archaeology Peace Plan, EPIDEMIOLOGY: Calculating Iraq’s Death Toll: WHO Study Backs Lower Estimate, ASTRONOMY: Tooled-Up Amateurs Are Joining Forces With the Professionals, PROFILE: ALBERT AMMERMAN Exploring the Prehistory of Europe, in a Few Bold Leaps. Can’t Have a Career Without English, and A Crisis in Student Quantity and Quality. Read the full list of his publications!
After completing a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Oxford in 2002, John focused on bioethics as a Fulbright fellow (2003 – 2004) in Berlin.
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